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The ICS Claims Team have, for over 2o years, developed bullet proof insurance claim applications, ensuring successful payouts for our clientsInsurance Claims Solutions

Specialising in these 4 Claims Areas

TPD Total and Permanent DisabilityDeath Cover and Terminal IllnessTrauma Insurance CoverIncome Protection Insurance

Unable to Work?

Injured or Suffering from Other Health Challenges?

You might be able to claim a lump sum compensation payment through one or more Super Fund Policies you may have. 

You may have insurance through your Super Policy which can cover you for injury, illness and trauma? Insurance Claims Solutions can help you!

Welcome to Insurance Claims Solutions, we aim to provide you the Best & Fastest Claims Service possible.

ICS Claims provide you with the Best and Fastest Claims Service Possible

You and Your Claim

Firstly, YOU, your welfare and how you feel is always of concern to us.

We understand well the journey you are on can be a hard one, so Insurance Claims Solutions will hear and support you every step of the way, in anyway we can.

Secondly, YOUR CLAIM is equally important, as our principal objective is to always, successfully achieve the best possible claim outcome for you.

With our premium support staff always on hand, we will assist with you all your insurance claim enquiries, questions and claim application.

See if you Qualify for an Online Claim Application Review

Here is a Great Starting Point for Understanding the ICS Insurance Claims Process

Insurance Claims Solutions – Is Your Support In Your Time Of Need

Have you been injured at work?

Injured at work or workplace and unable to return to work in the future read on...

No longer able to return to work?

No longer able to work at any job in any capacity, we can help you get your claim underway

Unable to work for 3+ months?

If you are unable to attend work for a period of 3 Plus Months?

Any Insurance Cover?

Do You Have TPD, Life, Trauma or Income Cover? or Super Policy?

If you answered Yes! to any of these questions then you likely have a claim application review to discuss with us.

Lodging A Claim No Longer Overwhelming?

Our expert support team at Insurance Claims Solutions will assist you in completing all the document requirements.
From your insurance provider to medical reports and we have a "No Win No Fee" guarantee.
Our claim support service is first class designed to take the load of you and minimise your stress when you’re already struggling.
You can do most of the claim online. Which Insurance Claim Can We Process For You?

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance ClaimTotal & Permanent Disability (TPD)

Terminal and Permanent Insurance Claim (TPD)

You have become totally and permanently disabled through illness or injury unable to work again.

Submitting Terminal and Permanent TPD claims can be fraught with stress, complicated paperwork and sometimes lengthy time periods.

In the event that you have been injured or have an illness and are no longer able to work, you may be eligible to lodge a Total and Permanent Disability claim.

You may be able to make a TPD claim even if you have received workers compensation or income protection payments. Insurance Claims Solutions can assist you with this.

Depending on your particular product & insurance policy, the definition of ‘Total and Permanent Disability’ may vary, depending on the particular product and insurance policy.

Trauma Cover Insurance ClaimTrauma Insurance Cover (TR)

Trauma Insurance Cover (TR)

You have been diagnosed with a specific medical illness such as a stroke, heart attack or cancer.

Trauma Insurance Cover claims (also known as critical illness insurance) can provide you with a lump sum payment in the event you suffer from a serious medical condition which is not deemed terminal (at the time).

Common conditions include Heart Attack, Stroke and Cancer.

However, there is a long list of potential trauma conditions that you may also be able to place a claim for (view list here), depending on your Insurance Policy.

 For example: Kidney Failure, Major Head Trauma, Paralysis, Chronic Liver Failure, Major Burns, Major Organ Transplant and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Trauma Insurance Cover is not provided by a superannuation fund, however it is generally taken out by an individual person.

Life Insurance Death CoverLife Insurance and Terminal Illness (LIFE)

Life Insurance Claim (LIFE) 

Accessing your loved ones death cover from a Superannuation Fund or Insurance Policy.

A death in the family is an extremely emotional and devastating time for loved ones, and the thought of progressing with an insurance claim can be very overwhelming but it is also a time where you need to look after you and your family financially. 

We at Insurance Claims Solutions, will show you the support and compassion whilst assisting you through the Life Insurance Claims process. 

Most Superannuation policies contain a level of default life insurance cover. Many people have multiple Super Funds which could also include a death cover component. 

Our specialised team at ICS Claims Solutions will investigate all these queries for you.

(IP) New! Income Protection InsuranceNew! Income Protection Insurance (IP)

Insurance Claim (IP)

Claim Enquiries Now Welcome

ICS Claims Solutions now brings a vast 20+ years of expert claim resolution knowledge to achieve a successful claim outcome for your Income Protection Insurance Claim.

I have personally assembled the most experienced and professional Team of staff now dedicated to you and your Income Protection Insurance Claim Application.

"Our objective is always to win the most successful outcome possible, for you!."

ICS Claims Solutions Perth - Expertise and Experience in all Types of Insurance ClaimsICS Claims Solutions Perth - Expertise and Experience in all Types of Insurance ClaimsICS Claims Solutions Perth - Expertise and Experience in all Types of Insurance ClaimsICS Claims Solutions Perth - Expertise and Experience in all Types of Insurance ClaimsICS Claims Solutions Perth - Expertise and Experience in all Types of Insurance Claims

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